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Quality off-the-shelf-oscillators, filters and resonators for quick delivery

Crystal Resonators

RakonXpress proposes a wide range of cost-effective crystal resonators designed for various RF applications, such as wireless security systems, smart homes, smart cities and metering.  

Our resonators are designed into many of the main wireless RF Integrated Chipsets on the market, including the ISM network chipset manufacturers Nordic Semiconductors, Semtech, STMicroelectonics and Texas Instruments. Please visit our Reference Designs page to find the chipset cross-reference list for both Rakon and RakonXpress products.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, we only work only with partners that are at IS09001 certified at a minimum and qualify all products through Rakon France’s Quality Assurance program. All products are RoHS compliant.



Tuning Fork Crystals

Key specifications:
• Frequency (Fn): 32.768 kHz
• Parabolic coefficient: -0.03 ppm/°C2
• Temperature (T): -40 to 85°C
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XTAL QESM09 2016

Standard SMD Crystals

Key specifications:
• Frequency (Fn): 3 to 130 MHz
• Stability (FvT): ±10 to 50 ppm
• Temperature (T): -40 to 85°C
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Leaded Crystals

Key specifications:
• Frequency (Fn): 0.8 to 200 MHz
• Stability (FvT): ±5 to 50 ppm
• Temperature (T): -55 to 105°C
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Rakon Products

For more information about Rakon's range of crystals, visit Rakon's product page
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